No one should question that success in M&A is about making the optimal deal.  It isn't just a dream - the best partner does exist.  Some advisers don't believe in the optimal deal, even though it is out there by definition.  Other advisers strive for it through a combination of finance and negotiation. Sounds good, but the truth is that the optimal transaction requires a combination of those two skills as well as three others: strategy, arbitrage and methodology.  We like to call them The Three Graces.  Also, we believe in a fully-integrated approach to M&A where everything we do is logically connected to achieving the optimal transaction. 

In short, we believe that M&A should be done in two stages: thinking, then linking, hence the name of our firm.  ThinkingLinking is a methodology-based firm focused on the life sciences, 'pharmanaturals' and ingredient space. 

We Think


We Link