Cosmetics and beauty M&A

CosmeticsLinking is the cosmetics division of ThinkingLinking.

Areas of focus

CosmeticsLinking's M&A focus is on the companies we describe as being involved in "Progressive Cosmetics" and helping them to sell to major groups, sell stakes or raise funds.  Such companies include: 

•  brands that reach out to emerging or different demographic markets.

•  brands that specialise in products that are science-based, efficacious or classified as cosmeceuticals.

•  brands that advocate the use of natural ingredients.

•  brands that strive for sustainability and greater social responsibility. 

•  brands that have overlaps in above areas.

•  cosmetic ingredients companies without own consumer brands which could give major groups a competitive edge.


Our CosmeticsLinking division publishes the Not Cosmetic report, an analysis of global M&A activities of Top 20 groups in the beauty industry.